Hey guys! I hope you’re having great weekends full of cookies and cake and sunshine like we are. I’ve been asking you guys on Instagram what recipes you want to see next, and a lot of people asked for a small-batch chocolate cake recipe with frosting, so here we are! And good choice!

Chocolate Mug Cake

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Apr 8, 2020

Guys, back at it today with more to bake. We have the time, right? Today we’re talking about mug cakes, and I know it might feel a little silly, but if you can throw together a warm, chocolatey, cake that takes literally one minute to cook, why aren’t you? Well today we are.

Hey guys! It’s about to get warmer outside, and I’m ready for bright, springtime recipes. And here we are- Lemon Berry Crumb Cake. It’s a lemon cake batter, layered with a berry jam, and topped with a lemony crumb topping. It’s kind of like a springtime coffee cake!

Spice Cake

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Feb 23, 2020

Hey guys! I hope we’re all really settling in to winter by now, and getting ready to switch things up in a few weeks to warmer weather. BUT, for now, it’s still snow storms and cold weather, at least in Colorado. And that means warm spices and cozy flavors, like this spice cake.

Hey guys! I feel like we’re all ready for some cake again right? These are my favorite kind- easy, not frosted, and super flavorful. This is what I like to call a breakfast cake, as in “you won’t be judged for eating this with coffee as breakfast cake.” Let’s go there.

What’s a snack cake? I like to think of it as just a simple cake. Something that is easy to put together, doesn’t really need frosting (but it can be frosted if you like) and it’s got classic, simple flavors. This is a basic chocolate chip snack cake, and it’s super easy to pull together. I know if you have a sweet tooth like me, you’re already missing all the holiday baked goods. I got you.

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