Pumpkin Waffles

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Oct 23, 2021

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing a recipe from my new cookbook High-Altitude Breakfast for these super yummy Pumpkin Waffles. We’re all in the thick of fall baking, and it’s the perfect time to make yourself a sweet little fall breakfast too.

Hey guys! I’m here with another sweet little fall treat- today it’s these Halloween Sugar Cookies! These have my favorite sugar cookies as a base, and they get a roll into some Halloween sprinkles before baking. These are so easy that it’s a crime to NOT make them, promise!

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing a recipe for an easy, if a little messy to put together, Apple Babka! We’re using apple butter as the filling to make it super simple to pull together, plus a soft and fluffy dough as the base.

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Hey guys! I hope we’re all settling right into baking season, I know I am. I wanted to share some of the recipes that I’m making this fall, and give you a little list of what you might want to consider giving a try if you haven’t already!

Hey guys! I’ve got a pretty little batch of double-chocolate cookies that are perfect for your high-altitude kitchen today! Plus, it only makes about 12-15 cookies, so you won’t end up with 4 dozen cookies to worry about- it’s a medium batch recipe we’ll say!

Hey guys! This has been a long-requested recipes on my website, and I’m so excited to share this one with you! If you love carrot cake, this is your perfect recipe for high-altitude. Of course, topped with a ton of cream cheese frosting too!

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