I’ve got a super simple single layer frosted cake today! If you love the classic combo of peanut butter and chocolate, this cake is for you. Fluffy chocolate cake topped with a peanut butter chocolate frosting is your sweet little treat for the weekend!

White cake is a great recipe to have in your toolbox, and this is the perfect one for high-altitude! This recipe is simple, and gives you a fluffy, soft, flavorful cake that is perfect for layers. You can also mix this one by hand if you prefer!

Hey guys! I’m here with a super simple vanilla cake that uses an interesting method. You can use this cake as a base for a layer cake, tres leches cake, or frosted cake, but I really like it plain with a little powdered sugar dusted on top.

Carrot Swirl Cake

Carrot Swirl Cake Recipe
by , on
Oct 29, 2022

Carrot cake has always felt like a fall dessert to me, and today I’m sharing the recipe for this dreamy, swirly, Carrot Swirl Cake. It’s like a pound cake with a swirl of carrot cake running through it- it’s so dang good!

I’m here for fall, and today it’s another recipe that will make your house smell amazing, and make you feel incredibly cozy! This Apple Cider Donut Cake is the perfect fall bundt, and it brings all the yummy flavors of the classic fall donut.

Today we’re making a super easy Blue Corn Cake and it’s kind of a cross between cornbread and cake. It’s pretty addicting and plus honey whipped cream on top? An easy win.

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