Hey guys! I’m here today with a really pretty, unique, fall recipe! I know a lot of people think of gingerbread as a winter dessert, but it’s got all the spicy warmth we want during the fall, so I actually think now is the perfect time to start enjoying it!

Hey guys! I’ve got a twist on the classic pound cake for you today, and it’s got all the flavs of your childhood ice cream parties. This is a simple pound cake recipe with chocolate mixed into part, and powdered freeze-dried strawberries mixed into another part.

Been a while since we’ve done the savory side of things over here! Today it’s just a super simple recipe for drop biscuits, and you can use any cheese or other add ins that you’ve got hangin around for this one. Think about those famous cheddar biscuits, but then do whatever the heck you want with your version!

Hey guys! I’ve been working on this recipe for a while now, and it’s always been on my list for years. If you’ve never made kolaches, I seriously can’t rave about them enough. This is totally my kind of dessert.

Hey guys! I had this recipe all ready to go before everything really hit with the virus a few months ago, but I think it’s time, especially since we’re still in the middle of birthday season. I’ve made a lot of from-scratch Funfetti cakes over the years, and I know it’s fav, so today I’m sharing this high-altitude recipe for the classic birthday cake!

Hey everyone- we’re getting through it, right? As we continue through these weird times, I’m getting more questions and comments from you guys as you bake more home, which I love. Please keep telling me what kind of recipes you need- I’m working hard to provide helpful info and recipes that will keep you fed! That’s where today’s flatbread comes from.

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