Peanut Butter Brownies are pretty much a top-tier dessert. I’ve made a lot of different versions of this over the years, but this is my favorite, so I’m sharing the recipe with you guys today!

Jam Shortbread Bars

Jam Shortbread Bars
by , on
Jul 1, 2022

These Jam Shortbread Bars are the perfect example of baking made simple. We’re using the same dough for the crust and the topping, and you can use any jam you’d like for the filling. The whole thing comes together really fast!

Making cookies in bar form is the easiest way to bake up a batch for a crowd, and these ones are super yummy! If you love peanut butter cookies, this is one of the easiest ways to enjoy them, and it’s still the absolute perfect pb cookie that we know and love.

Hey guys! I’m back with another brownie recipe today, and it’s a popular choice for good reason- Cheesecake Brownies are incredibly yummy. I’m on a bit of a brownie kick, and so I thought it was time to add this one the recipe book here!

Hey guys! Time for another super easy fav recipe- blondies are one of the easiest desserts and you can really put so many twists on them. These ones are stuffed with chopped pistachios, white chocolate chunks, and topped with flaky salt.

Hey guys! I’m making blondies today stuffed with chopped up Reese’s cups, and it’s a real weekend game changer. I LOVE blondies, and you can really add anything to them and they’re going to be amazing.

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