Happy end of the week, guys! I’m celebrating with cookies, as I always do. But today it’s these Frosted Peanut Butter Cookie Bars, and man it’s a good Friday!

This post featuring my Vanilla Ricotta Donuts is sponsored by Origin Vanilla.

Donuts have long been a tricky subject for high-altitude bakers, but today I’m sharing a super approachable, easy recipe for Vanilla Ricotta Donuts. Plus, I’m working with Origin Vanilla on this one guys, and they have some seriously amazing vanilla products that we’re using today!

Sometimes we need fast, easy, and to only turn on our oven for the absolute least amount of time. Today it’s more edible cookie dough, and it’s pretty much too easy to NOT do it.

Hey guys- it’s almost the end of the summer, huh? I prefer the cooler months of the year, but this summer has been a special one for sure, one where I really tried to enjoy all my time outdoors since it was often with other people around. For me, summer desserts are all about the fruit, so for one of my last this summer, let’s talk about shortcake!

Hey guys- it’s about time to pull out the ice cream maker again right? Right. I’m coming back today with a similar method but a different flavor for Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream that really hits the spot on a hot afternoon in my house.

Been a while since we’ve done the savory side of things over here! Today it’s just a super simple recipe for drop biscuits, and you can use any cheese or other add ins that you’ve got hangin around for this one. Think about those famous cheddar biscuits, but then do whatever the heck you want with your version!

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