Hey guys! I wanted to get you a super easy recipe right in time for Monday and the rest of the week, so take this offering of a recipe for just two chocolate chip cookies. When you don’t want a whole 24-batch of cookies, this is the perfect option!

Hey guys! If you’re looking for a little Sunday treat, I’ve got something for ya! These ice cream sandwiches are super easy, plus they are insanely tasty! We’re using an easy cookie recipe plus a no-churn ice cream that comes together super quick.

Pretzel Bites

by , on
Jun 29, 2021

Today I’m remaking an old favorite recipe of mine for Pretzel Bites! Soft pretzels are, I think, a top tier bread situation, and it’s one of the first kinds of bread I aspired to make from scratch. They seem complicated, but they’re actually super easy, especially in bite form like we’re doing here!

Cherry Pound Cake

by , on
Jun 13, 2021

Hey guys! Cherries are in season right now, so let’s use ’em! Today I’m using them up in a sweet simple little pound cake that I’m loving right now. Pound cake is the ultimate cake for breakfast choice, and this is no different!

Hey guys! I’m making blondies today stuffed with chopped up Reese’s cups, and it’s a real weekend game changer. I LOVE blondies, and you can really add anything to them and they’re going to be amazing.

Hey guys- I’m here with something really special today that I think you’re gonna love! If you’ve never made a babka before, it’s a bit of a project, and these smaller versions are a little easier to work with, plus you get more crispy crunchy edges!

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