Making cookies in bar form is the easiest way to bake up a batch for a crowd, and these ones are super yummy! If you love peanut butter cookies, this is one of the easiest ways to enjoy them, and it’s still the absolute perfect pb cookie that we know and love.

Today we’re making some really yummy muffins and honestly, making muffins on a Sunday night and eating them for breakfast through the week is the absolute best!

Today we’re making an easy yellow sheet cake perfect for birthdays! I’m topping this one with a fluffy chocolate ermine buttercream and honestly it’s a wonderful cake for any celebration.

Today we’re making a super simple little single-layer chocolate cake. It’s kind of like your go-to chocolate snack cake for when you just want a quick and easy cake fix.

We’re back with more giant cookies today, and this time with something super simple. Just a batch of giant bakery-style sugar cookies! Even though these are giant cookies, I would consider this a small-batch recipe as well since it only makes about 8 cookies.

If you’ve never had a tiramisu cake, this is the perfect little dessert. It’s a bit easier to put together than the classic version of this dessert, and it’s got all the coffee-soaked goodness.

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