So, I basically only have time to bake on the weekends. I work 60 hours most weeks, and so my days an evenings are always full. Weekends are my time for baking and personal blogging. Usually, I spend some time during the week when I can to plan out my baking for the weekend, and to plan out what will be going on the blog. 


Like any other weekend, I had my baking planned this week. However, it was a bit of a fail this time around. I usually bake on Saturday and Sunday, and only one of those goes up on the blog. Whether the other one is a recipe that isn’t my own, or if it’s something that I’m keeping in the secret recipe stash, about half of what I bake never gets seen, only eaten. Like these sugar cookies that I made this weekend:


The recipe for the cookies is here, and the recipe for the frosting is here. This is my favorite cutout cookie recipe and it’s super yummy when frosted, but unfortunately neither of these recipes is mine. 

So, that was Saturday this week. 

Today was another story. The plan was to combine some recipes to make a shortbread/caramel/brownie bar type thing. After making the first batch of caramel too thin, I had to make another. Then, after the second batch finally cooled, I put everything together. To start, the pan I decided to use was definitely too small. When I added the top layer of brownie batter to bake, I ended up baking the whole pan on top of another sheet pan, which was brilliant, as the whole thing bubbled over in a huge mess. 

Basically, the caramel middle layer bubbled through the brownie, and the brownie was then unable to cook. Somehow the caramel also seeped into the shortbread crust, making it something entirely different and basically… not good. This is what the whole mess looked like out of the oven:

IMG_0551 IMG_0552

But, I did end up using extra brownie batter for these little bites, so it wasn’t a total loss. My super yummy brownie recipe stood by me at least in the end!

IMG_0556 IMG_0558

Alas, no recipes this weekend. But now you know that even people who bake like, all the time, have fail days. 🙂

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