Kicking off the fall recipes this year with a small-batch version of everyone’s favorite muffin! These pumpkin muffins are super simple, and you can easily customize them to whatever you’re looking for.

Today we’re making some really yummy muffins and honestly, making muffins on a Sunday night and eating them for breakfast through the week is the absolute best!

Today we’re making some really fantastic muffins that are the perfect little weekend breakfast treat. These are super easy to make, and they’re packed with flavor!

Hey guys! I’m starting off the new year with another small-batch recipe- this time we’re going for some perfect Small-Batch Chocolate Chip Muffins that are insanely easy and delicious.

Hey everyone! Today we’re making a little classic recipe for High-Altitude Banana Muffins stuffed with chopped walnuts, and it’s the perfect thing for the weekend! Not to mention those bananas wasting away on your counter.

Hey guys- I’m here with something really special today that I think you’re gonna love! If you’ve never made a babka before, it’s a bit of a project, and these smaller versions are a little easier to work with, plus you get more crispy crunchy edges!

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