Hey guys! Happy weekend, if that still means anything! Today I’m sharing a recipe for Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies because I know flour is rarely on the shelves these days. Cookie cravings, on the other hand, pretty much always around. I hope you are all holding up and maybe feeling a bit less restless these days- baking helps!

Hey guys! It’s time for another baking adventure, right? Wondering how many small-batch recipes we can make yet? Me too, but I’m gonna keep going for a while. Today I’m sharing a recipe for cookies without flour since it’s been so tough to find lately.

Hey guys! Back on small-batch bakes today with a cookie recipe that makes five large cookies. Also, Happy Easter, I hope you guys are maybe doing something a little special at home even though you might not be able to spend time with family like normal.

Hey guys! I hope it’s snowing where you are- it is here, and it makes it feel like there’s another, less stressful reason to stay indoors. I’m back today with another request- I’m hearing from a lot of you that you’d like some small-batch recipes since you’re just baking for your households right now. These shortbread cookies are a variation on one of my tried and true shortbread recipes, cut down to make only four generous cookies, and filled with chopped chocolate because I had it in my pantry.

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all making the most of a little more time at home, and hopefully not going too crazy. I’ve been working on recipes that you make with pantry items and using not too much fresh food since we’re all running a little low right now, and these cookies are the next recipe in that series!

Hey guys! Do you ever have a ton of leftover egg whites laying around? Same, and I’m here with the PERFECT solution to that not-so-terrible-problem today. We’re making them special with a bit of strawberry flavor and dark chocolate dipping, and there are no regrets here you guys.

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